New candids

Hilary attends the Los Angeles Dodgers vs New York Mets game Monday- June 11

Freedom Writers captures

Finally I got time to add the Freedom Writers and it’s quite a lot but Hilary is in the movie a lot and I guess it’s better to have too many then too few 😉 Hope you like the captures!

New candids

Hilary greets a friend with flowers and a hug in Pacific Palisades on June 7.

Freedom Writers videos!

A surprise update for you all to enjoy! 🙂 Fixed 3 video clips and videos of the extras from Hilary’s recently released movie, Freedom Writers. Hilary is so adorable in the extras, she’s dancing and being goofy 🙂 I’m making DVD Captures and they will be added in some days. If you haven’t bought this movie yet, be sure to do so! On the DVD you can also listen to Hilary and the director Richard LaGravenese comment on the whole movie, it’s very fun and Hilary is amusing!

2007 Blue Planet Run

Hilary attend the opening ceremonies for the 2007 Blue Planet Run at The United Nations today. HQ’s pictures are in gallery now. Enjoy it!

Hilary was also on NBC- Today, unfortunately we won’t have video of it, unless someone was able tape it and could send it to us. All we have are some pictures of her at this show.

Inaugural Blue Planet Run(R) in NY

Hilary Swank and The Dow Chemical Company Lend Support for First-Ever Around-the-World Relay to Raise Funds and Global Awareness for Safe Drinking Water Projects

NEW YORK, June 1- Two-time Academy Award-winning actress Hilary Swank today hosted the official kick-off for the inaugural Blue Planet Run at the United Nations. The non-profit Blue Planet Run Foundation is putting on the Run, made possible by the generous support of The Dow Chemical Company, to raise funds and awareness about the lack of safe drinking water in impoverished communities around the globe.

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New candids

Hilary takes a romantic stroll with her boyfriend and her agent John Campisi in Soho yesturday.

Swank and Perry begin filming movie in Norwalk

NORWALK -ÊFilming starts today on “Laws of Motion”, an independent movie that will get by with a lot of help from one of America’s best-known “Friends.”

“Matthew Perry is the lead,” location manager Marshall Johnson said last week.

As anyone who owned a television between 1994 and 2004 knows, Perry became a star playing wisecracking Chandler Bing on the Emmy Award-winning sitcom “Friends.” More recently, he starred in “Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip,” which NBC canceled this month after one season.
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New candids

Hilary with boyfriend John Campisi (not pictured) walking in Central Park on May 29.