Hilary Swank Joins Danny Boyle’s FX Limited Series ‘Trust’

Academy Award winner Hilary Swank has been cast in a leading role in the upcoming FX limited series “Trust,” Variety has learned exclusively.

Swank will star as Gail Getty, mother of the kidnapped John Paul Getty III, heir to the Getty oil fortune. It is left to her to pay her son’s multi-million dollar ransom, despite the fact she is broke.

The role marks Swank first TV role since the late 1990’s, when she appeared on such shows as “Beverly Hills 90210,” “Leaving LA,” and “Camp Wilder.” Since then, she has forged an impressive film career, winning Oscars for both “Million Dollar Baby” in 2005 and “Boys Don’t Cry” in 2000. She also won Golden Globes for both films, and was also nominated for a Globe for her role in the TV movie “Iron Jawed Angels.”

Swank will next be seen in Steven Soderbergh’s “Logan Lucky“ opposite Channing Tatum and Adam Driver, and “55 Steps” with Helena Bonham Carter and Jeffrey Tambor. She is repped by WME and attorney Jeffrey Bernstein.

The first installment of the series is set to debut on FX in January 2018. Swank joins a cast that includes Emmy and Golden Globe winner Donald Sutherland as J. Paul Getty, the great oil man and founder of the Getty family dynasty.

The 10-episode first installment of “Trust” is set in 1973, when the young Getty is kidnapped in Rome and his mafia captors are banking on a huge ransom. The series charts the young man’s nightmare ordeal at the hands of kidnappers who cannot understand why nobody seems to want their captive back. The Italian police think it’s a prank and decline to investigate. Paul’s father is lost in a heroin daze in London and refuses to answer the phone. His grandfather is marooned in a Tudor mansion in the English countryside surrounded by five mistresses and a pet lion. Only his mother Gail is left to negotiate with increasingly desperate kidnappers.

The series is being executive produced by Boyle, Simon Beaufoy and Christian Colson. Written by Beaufoy and directed by Boyle, the first installment will be produced by FX Productions, Cloud Eight Films, Decibel Films and Snicket Films Limited.

Production will begin in June in London and Rome.

Source: http://variety.com

Hilary Swank’s Mission Statement is a preview of athleisure’s next phase

With Mission Statement, her line of chic “high-performance” apparel that launched in October, Hilary Swank — yes, the two-time Oscar-winning actress — is onto something.

She’s not the first celebrity to launch a collection in the space popularly known as athleisure: Beyoncé has Ivy Park, Kate Hudson has Fabletics, Carrie Underwood has Calia — and that doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface. And, though noteworthy, the fact that she’s setting a precedent for celebs linked with lines (many of whom are cool with contributing their name and calling it a day) is just icing on the cake. (“I’m doing everything,” she said, regarding the business side of Mission Statement, during a recent call from L.A.)

What the brand really has going for it is that it backs two trends that are on the upswing in the athleisure market: a lifestyle component and a look that skews more “ready-to-wear” than “yoga-ready.”Read More

Hilary Swank, Michael Shannon to Star in Drama ‘What They Had’

Hilary Swank, Michael Shannon and Robert Forster are set to star in What They Had, a drama from writer-director Elizabeth Chomko.

Blythe Danner and Taissa Farmiga are also part of the film’s ensemble cast.

Unified’s Keith Kjarval (Inland Empire), Bill Holderman (A Walk In The Woods), Bona Fide Productions’ Ron Yerxa and Albert Berger (Little Miss Sunshine) and June Pictures’ Alex Saks and Andrew Duncan (Thoroughbred) are producing the indie, which is set to begin production March 22 in Chicago.

The story is centers on a woman (Swank) who must fly back to her hometown when her Alzheimer’s-stricken mother, played by Danner, wanders into a blizzard. The return home forces her to confront her past.

Chomko is an actress and playwright making her screen directorial debut with What They Had. Her script for the film was a recipient Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences’ Nicholl Fellowship in Screenwriting.

“Elizabeth is an exceptionally talented new voice and we are excited to be partnering with her on her extraordinarily moving directorial debut,” said Unified’s Kjarval. “Hers is a very personal story about a subject that affects millions of people around the world.”

Unified Film Fund II is financing the venture. The fund is allowing Unified to produce three films a year with budgets up to $10 million. Ride, directed by Jeremy Unger and starring Bella Thorne and Jessie T Usher, is the first film from the fund.

WME Global is repping What They Had’s worldwide rights.

Swank, repped by WME and Jackoway Tyerman, last starred as a pianist dealing with ALS in 2014’s You’re Not You. She will next be seen in Steven Soderbergh’s Logan Lucky.

Shannon, who was nominated for an Oscar for his work in last year’s Nocturnal Animals, recently wrapped the all-star war drama Horse Soldiers. He is repped by CAA, Wetzel Entertainment and Morris Yorn.

Source: http://www.hollywoodreporter.com

The One Percent to be filmed in Ohio

A state legislator says a new television series will be filmed in northeastern Ohio.

Rep. Kirk Schuring announced this week that the company producing “The One Percent” has committed to the Canton area and northeastern Ohio for filming that’s expected to start in 2018.

The Repository in Canton reports entertainment websites say the drama series will feature Hilary Swank and Greg Kinnear as a couple struggling to save the family farm.

Source: http://www.kansas.com

Garance chats with Hilary Swank in a new #PMF.

This interview with Hilary Swank is one of those conversations where after five minutes, you notice the whole team sitting in a circle, taking in every single word. This is what happens when someone talks with such authenticity and honesty, you become totally mesmerized. It’s also probably part of what makes Hilary such a wonderful actress and such a magnetic person – impossible not to love.

Today we talk about her early years growing up in a trailer park and playing competitive sports, both of which instilled a work ethic and confidence in herself that would push her to become one the most respected actresses in Hollywood. She recently launched Mission Statement, a clothing collection that combines high performance and fashion, and I wanted to know more about that venture. We laughed, we cried, and we went deep! I hope you’ll love this Pardon My French episode as much as I do!Read More

Hilary Swank Just Finished Decorating Her Paris Apartment—and AD Gets the First Look

Hilary Swank is nothing if not resilient. Though the romance that originally brought her to Paris had evaporated, she quickly found herself caught up in the whirlwind of a new courtship: The city itself swept her off her feet. “I fell in love with Paris,” says the Academy Award–winning actress and nascent fashion entrepreneur—she recently launched Mission Statement, an athluxury line that marries sleek silhouettes with high-performance materials—rhapsodizing about its beauty, its light, its architecture, and its pastries with the enthusiasm usually reserved for a lover. “It’s more beauty than your eyes can even imagine, every which way you look.” So she did what any woman in love would do—she began to set down roots.

To cement the seriousness of her new relationship, Swank, who also has homes in Los Angeles and New York, purchased an apartment in a historic building on the Left Bank. With its soaring ceilings, polished herringbone floors, intricate moldings, marble fireplaces, and large windows, the apartment has the beautiful bones and soft filtered light that herald the European capital’s best spaces. To help make the apartment her own, Swank turned to Axel Huynh, founder of event-planning agency CrazyBaby and creative director of the 150-year-old French furniture company Henryot & Cie. While the original plan was for Huynh to design a piece of furniture for the home, his role quickly morphed into that of an interior designer. “He has this joie de vivre that I instantly gravitated toward,” says Swank.Read More

Hilary never forgets to pack anything

Hilary Swank is an Academy Award-winning actress—but you knew that already. What you probably didn’t know, though, is that she’s a wizard when it comes to traveling. More specifically, packing. But then again, what do you expect from someone who has spent the better part of her career (ipso facto life) jetting around the world? If anyone’s nailed the edited, essentials-only packing thing, it’s her. And if you so much as flipped through a glossy or scrolled through any fashion site in the last month or so, you’d know Swank has created her entire clothing brand, Mission Statement, around that exact ethos—luxurious multi-use pieces that are literally all you need. When we had a chance to peek into the carry-on she’d be taking to Milan to visit the artisans at her brand’s factories (and tailgate her throughout her visit), we took it upon ourselves to find out her other genius travel habits—like how she mitigates jet lag, and what she really does once she lands in Italy.

Read More

Hilary Swank Debuts Athleisure Line That’s ‘A Natural Extension of My Own Approach to Life’

Hilary Swank, two-time Academy Award winner for Best Actress, is taking up a new passion — design.

The star, now 42, announced today that she’s launching Mission Statement, a new athleisure line featuring clothes that, as she describes, mix “high performance and high fashion.” She’s been working for two years on the collection, which includes jackets, dresses, sports bras and more in wicking fabrics and a range of colors, from gray to black to cobalt blue.

“I’ve had this idea percolating and evolving in my mind for a while, but I have only been actively working on it for the past few years,” Swank tells PEOPLE. “I didn’t want to approach this as a hobby or side project. For me, this was just a natural extension of my own approach to life and then also realizing I wasn’t alone in this desire to have clothing that transitioned naturally from my workouts into my day. Every piece that was designed has a very specific function but allows for that seamless transition. The entire line is designed around this premise.”

The collection will be officially available for pre-sale today on missionstatement.com, starting at $125 for a sports bra and ranging up to $1,150 for a leather jacket.

In the days leading up to the launch, Swank spoke to PEOPLE about the meaning behind the name of her brand, why she’s launching it at this moment in her career, her favorite pieces and more. Scroll down to find out the mission behind Mission Statement.Read More

Hilary Swank Explains Why She’s Launching an Athleisure Collection

If you’ve been wondering what two-time Academy-Award-winning actress Hilary Swank has been up to for the past two years, we’ve got the answer. No, it’s not another tear-jerking movie—it’s her very own clothing line. The brand, called Mission Statement launches today with a “transitional” athleisure fare. According to Swank, who actually prefers to call it “aesthetic wear,” it’s the first offering she’s seen on the market that can truly transition from the gym to real life. (In other words: it performs like activewear but looks nothing like it.) We’re already eyeing those leather leggings; but before we buy our pair, we chatted with the actress—and now, designer—about what it took to create Mission Statement.

Glamour: Why did you decide to start this brand now?
Hilary Swank: I wasn’t alone in wanting to have clothing that naturally transitioned from my workouts into my day. I think it’s important for the modern woman to have clothes that are multi-faceted and functional. Women need the ability to go from exercising straight to meetings, dropping the kids at school, or running errands. I couldn’t find something for that which didn’t look like actual workout clothes—so I designed it.

Glamour: How will you be wearing Mission Statement pieces this fall?
HS: If I’m playing tennis, I’ll throw on one of the jackets and heels to go to work. Or I’ll add some cloud layers—that’s the cashmere pieces—with boots or sneakers for a day off.Read More

Hilary Swank’s Next Act

After a two-year acting hiatus, Hilary Swank is leaping back into public life—this time at the helm of a luxe activewear line she calls Mission Statement.

“When I was in my twenties and thirties, I felt so alone in my insecurities,” Hilary Swank says. “When you hit 40, you’re like, Oh, we all have our insecurities. You just feel less alone in them.” Two years after that landmark birthday, with her trademark blinding smile and perfectly shiny chestnut hair—her skin free of both makeup and, the actress suspects, sunscreen (did she put it on this morning? She can’t recall)—Swank still exudes the athletic physicality and dash of aw-shucks earnestness that, onscreen, enables her to disappear into gritty, often glamour-free roles (including her two Oscar-winning turns, in 1999’s Boys Don’t Cry and 2004’s Million Dollar Baby).

Sitting knock-kneed on a pool chair at her pal Chelsea Handler’s sleek Bel-Air home, Swank is discussing the realizations she arrived at over the last two years, during which she hit pause on acting to be with her father, Stephen, during his successful recovery from a lung transplant. “While I was with my dad in the hospital, there was a lot of quiet space,” she says. But quiet space isn’t really her thing. “To be able to just sit down sometimes and allow an hour to pass, even just sitting in nature.…” Swank wishes she were better at that. “This is probably where I could use work,” she admits.

Instead, Swank spent her downtime—if tending to an ailing parent really qualifies as such, which it doesn’t—building her charity, the Hilaroo Foundation, which pairs at-risk youth with rescue dogs at an ongoing series of L.A.-area day camps. She was also plotting a new enterprise: a luxury athleisure collection, Mission Statement—something she’d contemplated before but had never had the time or mental resources to see through.Read More