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Site URL

We have now new domain You can still access site through the old url but it will be only available till mid October. So please change your bookmarks for

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New site domain

As you can see we have brand new domain and we have new host. So change your bookmark for this new URL.

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Happy Birthday Hilary !!!

The staff at Hilary Swank Fan wishes Hilary a very very happy birthday. We hope you have a great birthday Hilary!

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Hilary is on twitter

Hilary is on twitter now. You can follow her on @HilarySwank and she is now on instagram as well YAY

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Content updated

I’ve worked on updating all of the content here at Hilary Swank Fan and I still have some things to do so keep coming back to check it out! Even though I’m not “seen” at the site I’m still helping Mary and contributing to the site in every way I can. If life lets me, will I do more updates on the site. It’s one of my earliest ones and I will always be an admirer of Hilary and her work. But Mary really is working hard on the site and she has been amazing!

Mary and I also got it confirmed by Hilary herself that she has visited the site many times. She also added that she does it to check out the candids of her 😉 And she said that a friend of her uses to visit our site to check out Hilary’s outfits, haha. We will get back to you with the chat where we got to ask Hilary some questions.

Enjoy the lovely new layout and the updated content!

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Temporary look

This is a temporary layout for the site because me and Mary are waiting to get a new layout and it will be a real re-vamp of the site and it’s content. So you have a lot to look forward to! 🙂

For now enjoy all our photos and the latest news on all things Hilary <3

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Affiliates page

The affiliates page is now up and working again. If its any of your sites, please check that you link us back!
And be sure to apply if you want to be affiliates with Hilary Swank Fan <3