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Amelia news

Double Academy Award winner Hilary Swank and actor Richard Gere will be in Cape Town this week shooting scenes for their latest movie.

A source in the film industry confirmed that the two stars were in town shooting Earhart, which tells the life story of renowned American pilot Amelia Earhart.

She was known as a pioneer and record-setting pilot who disappeared flying over the Pacific Ocean. The cause of her disappearance remains a mystery.

Earhart vanished in July 1937 while trying to circumnavigate the globe and was declared dead in January 1939.

Swank plays Earhart and had to cut off her brunette locks for the role, while Gere plays her husband, George Putnam.

So far, scenes have been shot around Chapman’s Peak and the Slangkop Lighthouse near Kommetjie.

The film is being directed by Indian-born, New York-based Mira Nair.

The stars and crew will reportedly also shoot in the Eastern Cape and Transkei once they’ve wrapped up in the city.