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Hilart to attend Chechen president’s birthday bash

Pint-sized pop star and media darling Shakira is one of the stars expected to attend the 35th birthday celebrations of Chechen president Ramzon Kadyrov in Chechnya on October 5, according to news source Portafolio.

The Colombian singer, recently named “person of the year” at the Latin Grammys, will join other celebs such as Kevin Costner, Eva Mendes and Hilary Swank in celebrating the Chechen president’s birthday bash. The stars will also participate in various ceremonies to take place in the Chechen capital on the big day.

October 5 has been declared a public holiday in Chechnya in recognition of Kadyrov’s birthday.

Here’s hoping that ongoing accusations of human rights violations by the Chechen administration will not impinge upon the birthday boys festivities, or on Shakira’s new title as “person of the year.”



  1. So you agree with the way Chechnya treat their women?
    Very disappointed
    I really liked you before this

  2. To anyone in doubt of the character of the “birthday boy” I sincerely recommend the book “A Russian Diary” by the later murdered Russian journalist Anna Politkovskaya.
    It’s deeply dissappointing to see that all those celebrities who – one would assume – have enough money, are so easily bought…

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