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Hilary coming to Dunnville

Dunnville will among the Toronto, Halifax and South African locations used in Amelia, a movie about the life of pilot Amelia Earhart.

At the end of May, Richard Gere, who plays Amelia’s husband, will spend a day in the area and Hilary Swank, who plays Amelia, will be in Dunnville a bit longer.

About 300 people may have an opportunity to work with these actors because extras will be needed for the scene sequence that will span May 26 to 28 if filming is on schedule.

Males and females of any age are invited to answer the call from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. on May 21 at the Dunnville recreation centre in the arena. Extras will receive $10.25 an hour and a typical day can be eight to 16 hours.

People,who are available on those dates, are invited to fill out an application and will have their pictures taken.

While film publicist Joe Everett would not confirm it, the Dunnville airport is likely the location for shooting.

He told the The Chronicle that filming will involve a significant scene sequence of an aerial race featuring a series of vintage planes flown in by the production company. The public will not be able to enter the area because it will be a closed set, he added.

This week filming was under way in a Toronto neighbourhood. After shooting wraps up in Dunnville, the crew will return to Toronto and will finish mid-June. Then the cast and crew will move to Halifax and use the Newfoundland coast line for other scenes. Then they move on to South Africa.

Everett said the filming company will bring in trucks and trailers but will make every effort to not disrupt Dunnville. With experience working in cities and small towns, he realized what kind of excitement will be stirred up when actors and camera crews arrive.

“It’s like the big circus coming to town,” he said.

Other notable cast members are Ewan McGregor, who plays Gore Vidal’s father, and Virginia Madsen, who plays the ex-wife of Gere’s character. Neither actor will be working in Dunnville.