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Hilary on Rachael Ray

On November 7 Hilary was on Rachaal Ray show. Its a cooking show. Unfortunately we didnt know that she would be there so we dont have a full video of it. All I found is a short clip. Hilary was promoting Pantene Beautiful Lengths program and P.S., I Love You.
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Rachael Ray – November 7, 2007
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She’s changed her hairstyle for Hollywood roles, and now Hilary Swank has lopped off her locks to help other women. “I cut my hair off on Oprah,” she says. The new look was inspired by her decision to donate her hair to the Pantene Beautiful Lengths program which gives wigs at no charge to women undergoing chemotherapy. “I’ve had many, many loved ones in my life devastated with cancer and I thought, how can I do something? How can I get involved?,” Hilary says. “I thought it would be wonderful to give a woman a real-hair wig, which may help her feel like she’s going through the process with dignity.”

She hopes her new ‘do will inspire others to also cut the minimum required eight inches of their hair to create thousands of wigs for women in need. “I found out that nearly 700,000 women will be diagnosed with cancer in 2007, and 60 percent of them consider hair loss to be their biggest fear [from] side effects of chemotherapy,” Hilary says. “Eight percent of those women will not even do the chemotherapy because they don’t want to lose their hair. They will avoid the potentially life-saving treatment to not lose their hair … so here I am with short hair. It’s really easy.”

Rachael praises the actress for her donation, and then takes a moment to ask Hilary for details about her next movie, the upcoming romantic comedy “P.S. I Love You” which is out in December. She appears alongside Lisa Kudrow, Cathy Bates and Gerard Butler as a woman whose husband dies of brain cancer. “That’s the sad part of the movie, but the beautiful part is that love is illuminating and he sends her these letters that he’s been writing on his deathbed … and he helps her get on with her life,” Hilary explains. “You laugh through your tears.”

Rachael says she’s ready for this one and is pretty sure it will be a hit. “I don’t think you’ve been in a stinker.” Hilary shrugs off the praise and jokes “Oh, I have.”

“That’s the nature of life, right?,” Hilary comments. “We have stinkers every once in a while.”


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