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Hilary set to host 7 Wonders ceremony

Bollywood actress Bipasha Basu along with academy award winners Hilary Swank and Ben Kingsley will host a global show at Lisbon on July 7 to celebrate the declaration of the New 7 Wonders of the World chosen in the first-ever global election. All eyes will be on Benfica Stadium where the New 7 Wonders of the World will be announced at the culmination of the past seven years of the New7Wonders campaign. Among the top contenders for the honour are the Taj Mahal, the Acropolis, Chichen Itza (a large Maya and Toltec village and temple complex on the  of Mexico), the Colosseum, the Eiffel Tower, the Great Wall of The China, Machu Picchu, Petra, the Statue of Christ Redeemer and the Statues of Easter Island.

The show would witness performances by Jennifer Lopez, Dulce Pontes, Chaka Khan, Jose Carreras, Alessandro Safina and Joaquín CortÃ. Special guests would include legendary astronaut Neil Armstrong, football hero Cristiano Ronaldo, record-setting balloonist Bertrand Piccard and President of the New7Wonders Panel of Experts and former Director-General of UNESCO Federico Mayor.

The gala show will be choreographed by renowned Olympic ceremony veteran Jacques Lemay. The event will take place at Portugal’s largest venue, the Estadio da Luz known to many as Benfica Stadium and be would broadcast around the world.

The stage will measure 10,000 square meters and has the largest backstage area in the world. The sound output will be of 200,000 watts, while there will be 500,000 watts for the lighting, 52 projectors and 1,265 meters of fiber optic cable. Five km of cables will make up the lifting systems, and there are over 300 tonnes of sets and scenic elements. A technical team of more than 600 specialists from more than ten countries will work on the event, which will involve some 6,500 people in total.

Bernard Weber, Founder and President of New7Wonders, said, ”The world continues, for less than three more weeks, to come together to create a list of treasures that we all share for the first time in history. We are delighted that these remarkable personalities from so many different fields are joining us on July 7 to celebrate the New7Wonders of the World, as chosen by the global citizens.”