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Could the Chechen party controversy damage her reputation?

When invitations to the birthday celebration for Chechen Republic President Ramzan Kadyrov were sent to various celebrities, a number of them RSVP’d no.

Kevin Costner couldn’t make it because of scheduling conflicts. According to the Hollywood Reporter, both Eva Mendes and Shakira declined as well.

But Hilary Swank said yes. And her decision to attend the lavish, Oct. 5 concert/bash for a leader accused of numerous human rights violations has invited strong criticism.

The Human Rights Foundation, an organization focused on the global defense of human rights, has come down hard on Swank and other stars who attended the party — Jean Claude Van Damme was there, as was British violist Vanessa Mae, who also performed and was reportedly paid $500,000 to do so. Continue reading Could the Chechen party controversy damage her reputation?

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Candids – October 8

Hilary takes her dogs for a walk in Santa Monica with her boyfriend John Campisi on October 8.

– Candids October 8, 2011

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‘New Year’s Eve’ Second Trailer Shows Off Star Power

“All these people have come from all over the world tonight, just to be here,” says Hilary Swank’s character in the new trailer for New Year’s Eve.

By the looks of it, all of Hollywood’s actors dropped by to star in the film, too.

When Katherine Heigl’s character says “There’s going to be more celebrities here than rehab,” in the new trailer, she could easily be talking about this trailer. The number of famous faces in Warner Bros. upcoming holiday comedy is pretty overwhelming.

In the new trailer, actors appear fast and furiously, as their characters prepare for New Year’s Eve. Ashton Kutcher, Jessica Biel, Halle Berry, Josh Duhamel, Lea Michele, Zac Efron, Abigail Breslin, Sofia Vergara, Alyssa Milano, Hilary Swank, Sarah Jessica Parker, Michelle Pfeiffer, Abigail Breslin, Ice Cube, Seth Meyers, John Stamos, Jon Bon Jovi, Ludacris and Ryan Seacrest are just a few of the actors who appear in the clip.

Some of the more interesting scenes from Valentine’s Day director Garry Marshall’s new film include Glee’s Lea Michele and Two and a Half Men’s Ashton Kutcher trapped in an elevator together, and Zac Efron and Michelle Pfeiffer’s characters’ attempts to accomplish a long list of resolutions in one day.

The Warner Bros. film is set for a Dec. 9 release.