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Q&A with Hilary Swank

Hilary Swank doesn’t believe in New Year’s resolutions — perhaps because she has never had trouble summoning motivation to make incredible physical transformations. Just before the opening of her star-studded film New Year’s Eve on December 9, the Oscar-winning actress talked to Q about her life on set and off.

Typical workout:
I hiked early this morning. I always mix up my workouts — spinning, yoga, Pilates — but what always stays the same are my sessions with my trainer twice per week.

Most challenging workout ever:
Boxing to train for Million Dollar Baby, definitely. But I was a swimmer, too. I went to the Junior Olympics, so I trained up to 4 hours per day for that. I find that if you grow up as an athlete, exercise is never really a chore. It’s a lifestyle. If I don’t do it, I don’t sleep well, my appetite changes, I feel like I’m going to implode.

Where she feels most at home:
When I’m with my family — wherever they are. That’s my safe place.

Her “healthy living” hero:
Anybody who is taking time for themselves every day — even if it’s for 15 minutes. When you give to yourself you’re able to give to others.

Favorite healthy meal:
My boyfriend is Italian, and he makes great food. I really like Zuppa di Pesce, which we usually have during the holidays. I don’t know if you’d call it healthy per se, but I like to bake pies, and when I bake I use non-hydrogenated shortening and less sugar.

Ultimate decadent meal:
I guess a cheeseburger (laughs). There are two places I like in LA: one is called Umami Burger, and the other is B&R. Also, a friend turned me onto this healthy place called Planet Raw, and they have these incredible chocolate milkshakes.

Latest obsession:
Right now I’ve been going to The Humane Society at least twice a week just to give dogs love. I can’t stop thinking about them. I have a list of dogs that I’m watching to make sure they don’t get put down, and I have all of the shelters on my speed dial.

Biggest vice:
Exercise. That’s my vice. Really. If I’m on a movie or working long hours, everyone knows I have to make the time for that.

What she’s totally over:
Fur. Like, what the hell? I mean, really?

All-time favorite city:
New York. Hands down. It’s a cultural blender, and I just love the vibe of all those different people and energies and ways of living.

Most surreal career moment:
Working with Clint Eastwood. He’s an icon.

Three things on her bucket list:
Have kids when it’s right, start a charity and have an organic garden.

Books on her bedside table:
I have one trillion books on my bedside table. I love to read, but let me pick one of them … I have a chicken, so I’m reading The Chicken Chronicles by Alice Walker.

What relaxes her:
Being in nature with my dogs.

Number one reason for taking care of her body:
Mental sanity.

Message she’d like to send to the world. (Only catch: It has to be 140 characters or less):
If you’re thinking of bringing an animal into your life, adopt. Save a life.