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The Perfect Way to Spend the 4th of July? “Bake Pies,” Says Hilary Swank

It’s been 239 years since our Founding Fathers signed the Declaration of Independence, and while today we’ll not only raise a glass to our country’s inception and the men and women who fight to preserve our freedom, we’re not shy about admitting that we are especially looking forward to a traditional Fourth of July meal. Yes, the menus will be comprised mostly of all that fits inside of a bun, but thanks to Hilary Swank we haven’t forgotten another crucial dish: dessert.

This week in New York, the Oscar-winning actress paid tribute both to the pain that families endure when a close member is discharged overseas and to Duracell’s exceptionally adorable Teddy bear, which allows parents to record their voice into the cuddly creature as a constant memory for children to revisit. Of course, Swank discussed what it was like growing up with a father in the Air Force, but she didn’t fail to mention how excited she is for the holiday festivities ahead. “I love the Fourth of July,” she told InStyle. So how exactly does she plan to celebrate? “I always bake pies. Well, I always bake pies in season. So, I’ll probably make a blueberry pie or a peach pie or a blueberry-peach pie.” We’re hoping for an invitation.