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The Truth About Hilary Swank’s ‘Iron Man’ Cameo

With all the bad Iron Man news floating around this week, it seems fitting that we take a glance back and remember when all the rumors circling around his debut were fun.
If you remember, there was a flurry of interest surrounding Iron Man cameos, and one of the confirmed names was Hilary Swank. Speculation was rampant as to who she would be, the guesses ranging from She-Hulk to Black Widow. And then Iron Man came and went, with no Swank to be seen. I assumed she had been left on the cutting room floor, and would show up on the DVD.

It turns out, she was never in the film to begin with. MTV caught up with Avi Arad, former head of Marvel Studios, and asked him all about it. Arad had a good laugh at our expense. “She’s not there. She was never supposed to be. It got into the internet and, you know, especially with MTV. These rumors are starting. There were cameos that WERE real, and we were trying to move [the media] away from the real.” MTV’s Shawn Adler wonders if it was all an in-joke spawned by actress Stacy Stas (who does appear in the film as one of Caesar Palace’s patrons) resemblance to Swank. It is as good a theory as any.

I’m actually a bit disappointed, as I think the athletic Swank is just begging to be a superheroine. But I’m not surprised it was a joke — I’m always shocked when the cameos come true, like Tony Stark in The Incredible Hulk.
You have to love those studio heads. They always give us geeks something to obsess about.