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Hilary Confirms Her Next Project

At this weekends junket for “P.S. I Love You,” Hilary Swank spoke about her next project, where she’ll be playing Amelia Earhart. While she didn’t tell us what part of Amelia’s life the movie would focus on, she did say they’ll begin filming this February. Unfortunately, the script isn’t finished yet, so unless the writers strike gets resolved the project won’t actually be getting in front of the camera.

You can listen the audio HERE

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P.S.,I Love You clips

I just found 9 clips from the movie. You can watch them HERE

This week Hilary will be on Regis and Kelly and Good Morning America (December 13). We will have video of it.

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Swank visits Fangland

Das Films and Blumhouse Prods. are teaming on an adaptation of John Marks’ novel “Fangland” that is shaping up as a star vehicle for Hilary Swank, according to Variety.

Sriram Das of Das Films and Jason Blum of Blumhouse will produce with Swank, who’s is in line to play a TV producer who travels to Romania for an interview with a notorious European arms dealer. Turns out, he’s a modern-day Dracula.

Marks is a former 60 Minutes producer, and Mark Wheaton (The Messengers) turned in a first-draft adaptation of Marks’ novel just before the strike.


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Hilary and Gerard:Ask ‘P.S. I Love You’ Stars a Question

Way back when speculation was running wild about who should be cast as James Bond in Casino Royale, a friend of mine said to me adamantly, “No question! Gerard Butler, hands down. Dude. Geraaaaard Butler.”

Now, this was a good while ago, and I hadn’t seen Phantom of the Opera yet, so I didn’t know all that much about this “Gerard Butler” person. But before too long I went to an early press event for 300 at which we were treated to a surprise guest: Butler himself, sitting just a few rows from me, fielding questions like it was his favorite thing to do in the world. And not to get all fangirl on you or anything, but … well, I went a little fangirl. It was the strangest thing. I felt like those teenagers on old Beatles clips. The man is charm and sex personified — and soon, with the resounding success of 300, the entire rest of the world knew it, too, not just the millions of rabid Gerard Butler fans who, I discovered, can be both impressive and a little terrifying in their loyal devotion to “Gerry.”
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Birds of America at 2008 Sundance premieres

It looks like the movie which Hilary filmed this summer changed name from The laws of motion to Birds of America.

Craig Lucas’ new film, “Birds of America,” will be unveiled at the Sundance Film Festival as part of the non-competition Spectrum program.

Lucas directed the screenplay by Elyse Friedman. The film will be featured at the Park City, UT, independent film event, Jan. 17-27, 2008.

“It’s about two brothers and a sister, all of whom have a difficult time loving each other,” Lucas told “The younger two were more or less raised by the older brother, and they treat him with scorn and act out all the time. It’s an extremely tender, quiet look at family; a gentle comedy.” Continue reading Birds of America at 2008 Sundance premieres