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Once in a life time offer! HUGE Hilary collection for sale!

Im the old owner of this site and Im selling my big collection of Hilary stuff, it contains almost all of her appearances in magazines since she first started her career.

Some stuff never comes up on Ebay anymore.

Also have all her photoshoots in HQ on cds for sale and all the seasons of BEVERLY HILLS on cds. Her audio books and much more.

Let me know if you are interested and hurry – if I dont get a response the stuff will just go in to the trash.

If you want I can make it to a Ebay auction so you get some kind of insurance.

Contact me at malevolentia(at)

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New videos

I have added 4 new interviews, where Hilary talks about Amelia, Richard Gere and her upcoming project – Betty Anne Waters.

On November 27 Hilary will be on Rachel ray Show we will have video of it ASAP.

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Hilary Swank finds her next thrill in highflying ‘Amelia’

If you’re planning a long-distance rendezvous, don’t tell Hilary Swank. She might show up and fly you there herself, as she did recently with her wary boyfriend, film agent John Campisi.
“He had a business meeting in Las Vegas, and I went and picked him up. I canceled his flight and I flew to Vegas, with my instructor. He was big-eyed. He’s sitting in the back, white-knuckled,” Swank says with a giggle. Continue reading Hilary Swank finds her next thrill in highflying ‘Amelia’

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New candids

Finally first candids of Hilary in 2009 year. She was leaving Buffalo Club Party last night in Santa Monica.

– Candids: January 9, 2009