Garance chats with Hilary Swank in a new #PMF.

This interview with Hilary Swank is one of those conversations where after five minutes, you notice the whole team sitting in a circle, taking in every single word. This is what happens when someone talks with such authenticity and honesty, you become totally mesmerized. It’s also probably part of what makes Hilary such a wonderful actress and such a magnetic person – impossible not to love.

Today we talk about her early years growing up in a trailer park and playing competitive sports, both of which instilled a work ethic and confidence in herself that would push her to become one the most respected actresses in Hollywood. She recently launched Mission Statement, a clothing collection that combines high performance and fashion, and I wanted to know more about that venture. We laughed, we cried, and we went deep! I hope you’ll love this Pardon My French episode as much as I do!Read More

Hilary Swank Just Finished Decorating Her Paris Apartment—and AD Gets the First Look

Hilary Swank is nothing if not resilient. Though the romance that originally brought her to Paris had evaporated, she quickly found herself caught up in the whirlwind of a new courtship: The city itself swept her off her feet. “I fell in love with Paris,” says the Academy Award–winning actress and nascent fashion entrepreneur—she recently launched Mission Statement, an athluxury line that marries sleek silhouettes with high-performance materials—rhapsodizing about its beauty, its light, its architecture, and its pastries with the enthusiasm usually reserved for a lover. “It’s more beauty than your eyes can even imagine, every which way you look.” So she did what any woman in love would do—she began to set down roots.

To cement the seriousness of her new relationship, Swank, who also has homes in Los Angeles and New York, purchased an apartment in a historic building on the Left Bank. With its soaring ceilings, polished herringbone floors, intricate moldings, marble fireplaces, and large windows, the apartment has the beautiful bones and soft filtered light that herald the European capital’s best spaces. To help make the apartment her own, Swank turned to Axel Huynh, founder of event-planning agency CrazyBaby and creative director of the 150-year-old French furniture company Henryot & Cie. While the original plan was for Huynh to design a piece of furniture for the home, his role quickly morphed into that of an interior designer. “He has this joie de vivre that I instantly gravitated toward,” says Swank.Read More

Hilary never forgets to pack anything

Hilary Swank is an Academy Award-winning actress—but you knew that already. What you probably didn’t know, though, is that she’s a wizard when it comes to traveling. More specifically, packing. But then again, what do you expect from someone who has spent the better part of her career (ipso facto life) jetting around the world? If anyone’s nailed the edited, essentials-only packing thing, it’s her. And if you so much as flipped through a glossy or scrolled through any fashion site in the last month or so, you’d know Swank has created her entire clothing brand, Mission Statement, around that exact ethos—luxurious multi-use pieces that are literally all you need. When we had a chance to peek into the carry-on she’d be taking to Milan to visit the artisans at her brand’s factories (and tailgate her throughout her visit), we took it upon ourselves to find out her other genius travel habits—like how she mitigates jet lag, and what she really does once she lands in Italy.

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