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Actresses Hilary Swank and Connie Britton, director Ava DuVernay, and Miss USA Deshauna Barber join Chelsea for an all-female Dinner Party to discuss the overall landscape of how women are treated, the pay gap, life lessons and so much more! DuVernay, who received a Golden Globe nod for her work on Selma, shares the pay jump she received for the film in comparison to her previous film. Swank also shares the nominal pay gap she received on a film that she passed on despite being a two-time Academy Award winner compared to the “hot” male lead.

Hilary Swank Debuts Athleisure Line That’s ‘A Natural Extension of My Own Approach to Life’

Hilary Swank, two-time Academy Award winner for Best Actress, is taking up a new passion — design.

The star, now 42, announced today that she’s launching Mission Statement, a new athleisure line featuring clothes that, as she describes, mix “high performance and high fashion.” She’s been working for two years on the collection, which includes jackets, dresses, sports bras and more in wicking fabrics and a range of colors, from gray to black to cobalt blue.

“I’ve had this idea percolating and evolving in my mind for a while, but I have only been actively working on it for the past few years,” Swank tells PEOPLE. “I didn’t want to approach this as a hobby or side project. For me, this was just a natural extension of my own approach to life and then also realizing I wasn’t alone in this desire to have clothing that transitioned naturally from my workouts into my day. Every piece that was designed has a very specific function but allows for that seamless transition. The entire line is designed around this premise.”

The collection will be officially available for pre-sale today on, starting at $125 for a sports bra and ranging up to $1,150 for a leather jacket.

In the days leading up to the launch, Swank spoke to PEOPLE about the meaning behind the name of her brand, why she’s launching it at this moment in her career, her favorite pieces and more. Scroll down to find out the mission behind Mission Statement.Read More

Hilary Swank Explains Why She’s Launching an Athleisure Collection

If you’ve been wondering what two-time Academy-Award-winning actress Hilary Swank has been up to for the past two years, we’ve got the answer. No, it’s not another tear-jerking movie—it’s her very own clothing line. The brand, called Mission Statement launches today with a “transitional” athleisure fare. According to Swank, who actually prefers to call it “aesthetic wear,” it’s the first offering she’s seen on the market that can truly transition from the gym to real life. (In other words: it performs like activewear but looks nothing like it.) We’re already eyeing those leather leggings; but before we buy our pair, we chatted with the actress—and now, designer—about what it took to create Mission Statement.

Glamour: Why did you decide to start this brand now?
Hilary Swank: I wasn’t alone in wanting to have clothing that naturally transitioned from my workouts into my day. I think it’s important for the modern woman to have clothes that are multi-faceted and functional. Women need the ability to go from exercising straight to meetings, dropping the kids at school, or running errands. I couldn’t find something for that which didn’t look like actual workout clothes—so I designed it.

Glamour: How will you be wearing Mission Statement pieces this fall?
HS: If I’m playing tennis, I’ll throw on one of the jackets and heels to go to work. Or I’ll add some cloud layers—that’s the cashmere pieces—with boots or sneakers for a day off.Read More

Hilary Swank’s Next Act

After a two-year acting hiatus, Hilary Swank is leaping back into public life—this time at the helm of a luxe activewear line she calls Mission Statement.

“When I was in my twenties and thirties, I felt so alone in my insecurities,” Hilary Swank says. “When you hit 40, you’re like, Oh, we all have our insecurities. You just feel less alone in them.” Two years after that landmark birthday, with her trademark blinding smile and perfectly shiny chestnut hair—her skin free of both makeup and, the actress suspects, sunscreen (did she put it on this morning? She can’t recall)—Swank still exudes the athletic physicality and dash of aw-shucks earnestness that, onscreen, enables her to disappear into gritty, often glamour-free roles (including her two Oscar-winning turns, in 1999’s Boys Don’t Cry and 2004’s Million Dollar Baby).

Sitting knock-kneed on a pool chair at her pal Chelsea Handler’s sleek Bel-Air home, Swank is discussing the realizations she arrived at over the last two years, during which she hit pause on acting to be with her father, Stephen, during his successful recovery from a lung transplant. “While I was with my dad in the hospital, there was a lot of quiet space,” she says. But quiet space isn’t really her thing. “To be able to just sit down sometimes and allow an hour to pass, even just sitting in nature.…” Swank wishes she were better at that. “This is probably where I could use work,” she admits.

Instead, Swank spent her downtime—if tending to an ailing parent really qualifies as such, which it doesn’t—building her charity, the Hilaroo Foundation, which pairs at-risk youth with rescue dogs at an ongoing series of L.A.-area day camps. She was also plotting a new enterprise: a luxury athleisure collection, Mission Statement—something she’d contemplated before but had never had the time or mental resources to see through.Read More

Hilary Swank Launches Mission Statement

Answering the door of her New York apartment, Hilary Swank introduces herself with a handshake and a broad smile. However recognizable the two-time Oscar winner is, she has completely immersed herself in the real-life role of founder of the new direct-to-consumer Mission Statement e-commerce business.

“All-in” borders on inadequate when describing her entrepreneurialism with the ath-leisure label that launches today. Instead of taking on myriad fashion deals as many celebrities have, Swank spent two years devising a business plan, sourcing production and rooting out the right contacts for her self-funded operation. High-energy throughout a lengthy interview, Swank said she was compelled to start Mission because she couldn’t find workout-worthy attire that could pass for stylish sportswear on city streets or airborne at 30,000 feet. When a few tables and couches needed to be moved for a photo shoot, Swank went right to it, insisting the tables were too heavy for others to move.

Swank swam in the Junior Olympics and later became a state finalist in gymnastics. Whether in the gym, practicing yoga, spinning or playing 10 hours of tennis a week, exercise is still part of her daily routine. “I grew up as an athlete so working out for me is like breathing, sleeping, eating, drinking water — it is a really vital part of my life,” she said, adding that like many women her days roll on right from the morning workout without any time to change. “No one was hitting the mark in my opinion. There’s not really a crossover brand. How make high-performance wear that meets high fashion. How do I find that? I couldn’t so I created it.”Read More

UBS’s First US Philanthropy Conference

Academy Award winning actress Hilary Swank, former AOL AOL +% executive and philanthropist Jean Case and food systems entrepreneur Kimbal Musk converged at UBS ’s first annual American philanthropy summit earlier this week to connect over mutual causes ranging from rescuing overlooked dogs from shelters to addressing global issues through impact investing.

Silver screen star Hilary Swank, whose newly formed nonprofit Hilaroo rescues animals from shelters and connects them with kids living in foster care or group homes, came to the conference on a mission: She’s currently aiming to raise $70 million so the year-old organization can purchase at least 70 acres in Los Angeles to build a facility for the dogs to live in (including a kennel and veterinary services area) and for the kids to also play sports and study after school. “The kids have seen these dogs that have been kicked to the curb like they have. It touches their heart in a place that is special,” she later told FORBES. “We take the animals that don’t have a fair chance and could get euthanized, temperament train them, and then bring in at-risk youth. They’ll pick their dog and take care of the dog on the property after school. They’ll also get tutoring before they go home.”

Since its inception in 2015, the foundation has held three summer day camps with a total of 150 kids. Once the permanent facility is built, summer camps will become overnight and will also be combined with regular after-school programs. Her big dream? Ten years down the line she wants to have an accredited high school on the land and also offer up housing for those who leave the foster care system once they’re 18. She’s going to need a lot of billionaire donors to make that happen.

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