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Awards Buzz for Swank, Rockwell After Convistion Screens in Toronto

Convistion, starring Hilary Swank and Sam Rockwell and directed by Tony Goldwyn, screened at the Toronto International Film Festival over the weekend and is gaining attention for its two lead actors. Read on to see what people are saying!

At Back Stage, Jenelle Riley writes,

“It’s an amazing true story, brought to life by the direction of Tony Goldwyn–whose work I’ve enjoyed in the past (“Someone Like You,” “A Walk on the Moon”) but I have to admit nothing prepared me for the assured hand he displayed with this material. In addition, the film stars Hilary Swank in the “ordinary person in extraordinary circumstances” kind of role she excels in and Sam Rockwell at the top of his game. … I truly believe this is the year Rockwell will finally land an Oscar nomination.”

Ray Bennett of The Hollywood Reporter called the film “stirring” and went on to say,

“With a fine cast including Sam Rockwell, Minnie Driver and Melissa Leo, the film is in the tradition of fighting-the-system stories drawn from real life such as “Erin Brokovich,” … Goldwyn and screenwriter Pamela Gray have a fine grasp of classic storytelling and while the pace never slackens, they always find time for the small but important touches that add to a film’s depth. … Swank and Rockwell are very effective as siblings locked at the hip and their scenes together smack of a real shared history.”

David D’Arcy at Screendailyreports:

“Swank plays the part with an agile nuance, as the murder verdict moves her to incredulity, helplessness, anger and determination. It’s tour de force for Swank, but Rockwell as Kenny is joltingly real as a child troublemaker who’s the first to be charged with any crime in the small town.”