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Betty Gilpin Fights for Her Life Against Hilary Swank in ‘The Hunt’ Trailer

Emma Roberts, Justin Hartley, Glenn Howerton, Ike Barinholtz, Amy Madigan and Ethan Suplee also star in the film, which was directed by Craig Zobel. Jason Blum and Damon Lindelof produced the film, while Lindelof cowrote the screenplay with Nick Cuse.

The trailer opens with Crystal asking convenience store employees what state they are in. When one employee informs her that they are in Arkansas, Crystal grabs a rifle and shoots the two workers.

After she walks out of the store, she pulls a license plate off of a car that shows they are not in Arkansas.

The trailer then cuts to Swank’s character in a business meeting. “We pay for everything, so this country belongs to us,” she says as snapshots of her privileged life play. When a man in the meeting says their business is “hunting human beings for sport,” Swank replies, “They’re not human beings.”

Clips of the 12 hunted individuals waking up in the clearing then play. They soon learn that they were selected to be hunted by the globalist elites, though they are determined to escape. “So it’s true,” says Crystal. “We’re being hunted.”

A montage shows the 12 victims doing everything in their power to survive. Crystal takes on a leadership role and kills off every hunter until she makes her way to Swank’s character, the ringleader of the elites.

“Of all the people you kidnapped, of all the people you kill, you picked the wrong game,” says Crystal in a voiceover as clips show the characters violently under attack.

The trailer concludes as Crystal approaches Swank’s character. “Lady, you’re crazy,” Crystal says before she violently attacks.

The Hunt is in theaters Sept. 27. Watch the full trailer below.