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Canada’s First Women’s Brain Health Conference

The first-ever SAM conference on women’s brain health will bring together scientists, researchers and health care professionals to talk about sex differences and the aging process, and reveal what is known about aging well. The conference will also include information on how to best boost cognitive function over the lifespan.

The keynote speech will be delivered by two-time Best Actress Academy Award winner and women’s health advocate Hilary Swank. Additional conference speakers include Senator Linda Frum, Dr. Marla Shapiro and several renowned researchers, scientists and physicians.

The day-long conference is open to the public and will provide participants with an opportunity to learn about the latest research in women’s brain health and understand the impact of nutrition, fitness, research, menopause and technology on the aging brain.

The conference was inspired by the Women of Baycrest, a network of influential women who fundraise for Baycrest, a global leader in developing and providing innovations in aging and brain health.

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