Release Date 1998
Hilary Swank as Sylvia Orsini
Directed by Lanny Cotler
Written by Lanny Cotler, Stephen L. Cotler
Cast Jason Robards, Eddie Mills, John Terry
Genre Drama
MPAA Rating
Available at Region 1, Region 2

As this is a movie about a small town, three generations and two lovers, here’s how I think the story should be told. Deroy is a California isolated town, the existence of which relies on a lumber mill run by Logan Reeser. Reeser is a mentor to twenty-six-year old Frank who while being seen as a freak by his family and community, fully shares Reeser’s deep-rooted devotion to the giant redwoods.

Then summer comes, and Frank finds himself in bliss and trouble when a romance blooms between him and the mill manager’s daughter, Sylvia. The young lovers are temporarily separated, but as old Logan Reeser gets deeper in debt and might have to shut down the mill, Frank and Sylvia devise a clever plan, and together they prove that love and determination can save a town from disaster and be the answer to Reeser’s prayers as well…

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Trivia & Facts
• The movie was filmed in Branscomb and Willits, California, USA.
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