Release Date 2010
Hilary Swank as Betty Anne Waters
Directed by Tony Goldwyn
Written by Pamela Gray
Cast Sam Rockwell, Juliette Lewis, Minnie Driver, Melissa Leo
Genre Drama, Biography

Betty Anne Waters is based on the true story of Betty Anne Waters (Swank) a high school dropout who spent nearly two decades working as a single mother while putting herself through law school, tirelessly trying to beat the system and overturn her brother’s (Rockwell) unjust murder conviction. At its heart, Betty Anne Waters is an exploration of the profound bond between a brother and sister – a love so deep, so unequivocal, so complete that it becomes a force that will not be denied or defeated.

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Trivia & Facts
•Naomi Watts was originally set to play the title character but was replaced by Hilary Swank.
•Hilary Swank didn’t meet her real-life character Betty Anne Waters until just before the filming began. She says she wanted to get into the character, not just mimic someone.
•Although the family of the murder victim Katheryn Brow requested a meeting with producer/star Hilary Swank, that has not happened. They have hired Gloria Allred with intention to sue Swank for not consulting them or putting their mother “in a better light.”
•Betty Walters says “The movie is so true to life. Not every scene happened, but every emotion happened.”
The movie was nearly 10 years in development.
Screenwriter Pamela Gray spent eight years on the project. The project was on, then off in 2004 when Universal pulled the plug. In 2007 independent financing was found, and Hilary Swank, Sam Rockwell, and Minnie Driver agreed to the low budget effort.

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