Quiet Days in Hollywood

Release Date 1997
Hilary Swank as Lolita
Directed by Josef Rusnak
Written by Robert G. Brown, Josef Rusnak
Cast Peter Dobson, Daryl Mitchell, Chad Lowe
Genre Comedy, Drama
MPAA Rating R for strong sexuality and language, and for some violence.
Available at Region 1, Region 2, NTSC, PAL

Lolita, a streetwalker on Hollywood Boulevard, hustles a john named Angel. Next morning he picks up his girlfriend, Julie, for sex in a car wash. She’s a waitress and is humiliated by Rich, a customer who assaults her in the men’s room. He’s a lawyer who’s boinking his boss’s wife, Cathy, whose husband Bobby keeps her informed of his own affairs, even as he and Cathy have an afternoon of passion.

Peter, an actor who wants to keep it secret that his lover is a man, comes home to Patrick, who’s angry and hurt. They make up, but tragedy follows; in his grief, Peter picks up Lolita. Next morning, he finds himself attracted to her.

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