Red Dust

Release Date 2004
Hilary Swank as Sarah Barcant
Directed by Tom Hooper
Written by Troy Kennedy-Martin, Gillian Slovo
Cast Jamie Bartlett, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Ian Roberts
Genre Drama
MPAA Rating R for violent images and language.
Available at Region 1, Region 2

Police officer Dirk Hendricks files an amnesty application for Alex Mpondo, a member of the South African Parliament who can’t remember the torture he once endured as a captive political activist. South African-born attorney Sarah Barcant, meanwhile, returns to her homeland to represent Mpondo, as well as Steve Sizela, Mpondo’s friend who arrested along with him and never heard from again.

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Hilary Says
• “I don’t know what it is in me, but I’ve always been drawn to true stories. I don’t think it’s necessarily a desire to educate people as much as it is the desire to tell a really compelling, important story.”
• “I think this country is absolutely fabulous – the people here are so warm. There are obviously a lot of complexities with the fall of apartheid and how people feel. But there is also a wonderful richness here in the people, their souls, their spirits and the richness of the land. I’m completely blown away by it and it’s been a really enriching and life changing experience for me.”
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