The Space Between (Short Movie)

Release Date 2002
Hilary Swank as
Directed by Chad Lowe
Written by
Cast Kristen Caldwell, Vincent Gale, Ian Tracey
Genre Short Film
MPAA Rating

Comment from a viewer
Well, I watched it from beginning to end…and to be honest it seemed a little long. With that said, after it was over, I was in pretty intense thought about what it might be like if what happens in the movie happened to me. I started thinking about the short a lot. At first my thoughts traced back to what actually happened in the movie, just reviewing the plot in my head.

Later on though, I kept thinking about the movie, and how it could be enjoyed on the surface for what it was about in plain form. But it could be really used as a philosophic reflection upon life and how events we don’t predict nor care for occur to us, and how we can let it effect us to such an extent that we can forget what we do to strangers, family members, and maybe much more importantly to ourselves…it’s a lesson one could never get tired of. Don’t be impulsive, think, dammit!

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