Guest Appearances

• Saturday Night Live – Season 30 – (aired February 19, 2005)
Host of episode 30.13

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• Growing Pains – Season 7 – (aired 1991 & 1992)
Playing ‘Sasha Serotsky’  in episode 7.17 (Menage a Luke)
A love triangle involves Ben, Luke and a classmate.

Playing ‘Sasha Serotsky’ in episode 7.08 (There Must Be a Pony)
Nouveau riche neighbors move in next door; Ben is forced to look after Luke on his first day of high school; Jason’s scheme to let Chrissie stay up late backfires when the neighbors throw a lavish party.

• Harry and the Hendersons – Season 1 – (aired 1991)
Playing ‘Chelsea’  in episode 1.13 (Harry Goes Ape)
Harry buries a fur belonging to an athlete’s wife.