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Celebrities raise funds for foster kids

The non-profit group Children Awaiting Parents has spent the last 38 years getting foster kids with special needs out of the system and into loving homes.

On Wednesday night, Hollywood pitched in.

“With special needs, people tuck their tail and run and there’s really no need because those kids will change your life,” said Leigh Anne Tuohy, the woman Sandra Bullock portrayed in the movie, “The Blind Side.”

Tuohy and her husband brought an African-American teenager into their home and changed his life — and theirs.

That’s what Children Awaiting Parents strives to do with countless kids who want someone to call mom and dad.

“Our organization serves only those children that have been waiting the longest in foster care so a night like this will help us do more of it,” said Mark W. Soule, the organization’s executive director.

“When you hear there’s 120,000 kids who are in the foster program who need to be adopted and find homes, your heart goes out,” said actress Hilary Swank.

Giving the kids a home also gives them a better chance at life. Statistics show 70 percent of all homeless youth first aged out of foster care.

“To do stuff like this and be able to bring awareness to such an amazing cause is something that makes it all worthwhile,” said actor Colin Egglesfield.