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De Niro, Pfeiffer, Swank Joining ‘New Year’s

Robert De Niro, Michelle Pfeiffer, and Hilary Swank are all circling roles in New Line’s latest ensemble romantic comedy New Year’s Eve. Ashton Kutcher is also in talks for the unofficial sequel to Garry Marshall’s Valentine’s Day.
Like the previous holiday-themed formula, the movie will tell the intertwining story of several characters over the course of the December 31st evening. Filming is now scheduled to shoot next month for a December 2011 release.
De Niro will play a “bitter dying man in a hospital,” according to THR. Pfeiffer is filling the role of an executive secretary who quits her job to fulfill her resolutions from the previous year. (Meryl Streep originally considered the part, but passed.) Swank is playing the producer of the famous Times Square ball drop show. Kutcher, in a reversal of his role from the last movie, is portraying a cynic who hates the holiday.
The previously announced Lea Michele (of “Glee” fame) is playing a professional back-up singer who gets stuck in an elevator with a hipster she doesn’t like a first but ultimately falls for him. Abigail Breslin (a.k.a. Little Miss Sunshine) is also a member of the cast, though her character description is a yawn-inducing mystery. Other’s rumored for roles include Reese Witherspoon (potentially as a pregnant woman attempting to have the year’s first baby), Justin Bieber, Halle Berry, and Zac Efron.


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