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Hilary Swank Admits ‘Sleepless Nights Are Hard’ with Twins But Will Look Back Fondly on Them

Hilary Swank is reflecting on the challenges and rewards of being a mom of twins!

On Monday, the Oscar-winning actress, 49, spoke exclusively to PEOPLE at the premiere of her new film Ordinary Angels at the SVA Theatre in New York.

In April 2023, Swank and her husband Philip Schneider welcomed twins, daughter Aya and son Ohm.

Nights are admittedly “hard” with twins, but Swank also knows there will be a time when she’ll look back at this period with a different perspective.

“I think that being a mother of twins, I never have had a singleton, so I don’t know what that’s like,” she explained. “But I know that the sleepless nights are hard and when you have one that might sleep through the night, the other one’s not, so it’s kind of this trade-off every night.”

“But I know this is also a season, and it too will pass, and I try and remind myself that there’s going to be a day when I’m like, ‘Oh, I’d love to wake up right now and just hold you.’ So just trying and hold on to that.”

She’s already looking forward to the next challenge: when the twins are more mobile.

“Well, they’re only crawling, so it’s not like we’re out of control or anything,” she tells PEOPLE.

In the Lionsgate film, Swank stars as Sharon Stevens, a “fierce but struggling hairdresser in small-town Kentucky who discovers a renewed sense of purpose when she meets Ed (Alan Ritchson), a widower working hard to make ends meet for his two daughters,” according to an official synopsis.
She starts out as a member of an alcoholism support group, but then cleans up her act to help the widower whose 5-year-old who is waiting for a liver transplant.

“What unfolds is the inspiring tale of faith, everyday miracles and ordinary angels,” the synopsis adds.

Ordinary Angels also stars Tamala Jones, Amy Acker, Drew Powell, Skywalker Hughes and Emily Mitchell, and is directed by Jon Gunn.

During an appearance on Today on Monday ahead of the premiere, the new mom revealed the special meaning behind her babies’ names.

“Aya was a Syrian refugee we met in Lebanon. So she was just this courageous, brave young girl full of life going through a really difficult time. My husband and I were like, she’s so beautiful, what a great name,” she shared.

As for son Ohm, Swank said, “Ohm is considered the first universal sound and unites all people, and that sounds very fitting.”