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Hilary Swank: “Art Saved My Life”

Though the fairs don’t officially kick off until Thursday, attendees of Art Basel Miami already have a full dance card when it comes to social engagements. On Tuesday night, the jam-packed schedule a multitude of private dinners, the opening of the new Faena Hotel, and too many fetes to count.

Adding to the mix was DuJour publisher and Art Basel enthusiast Jason Binn, who took over the Delano for party of epic proportions in the famed hotel’s manicured gardens. Hilary Swank served as cohost for the evening, but not because she is the mag’s current cover star or she was contractually obliged. The two have been friends for over a decade when Binn put her on the cover of Hamptons Magazine before her breakthrough film, Boys Don’t Cry.

Here we caught up with the animal activist and Oscar-winning actress to talk art, fashion, and Sylvester Stallone.

Yahoo Style: Do you consider yourself an art person?

Hilary Swank: I am a very much an art person considering art saved my life. So I’m all about art, I’m all about saving art in school. I’m all about it in every way shape and form.

So are planning you going to come here and browse then?

I have only been in Miami for the Saints game back in 2007, so I’m definitely excited to hit the fairs. I just arrived for this event and I’m going to go first thing tomorrow.

Wondering who makes your dress? It’s artistic in its own right.

Elie Saab. I’m a huge fan of his, love him. Love, love, love.

There are lots of sheer patches…

Well, you know, I have a slip on. [laughs] I cover up all of the private parts.

You mentioned that Hamptons Magazine was one of your first covers, and that’s why you’re here tonight.

Well, it was him [Jason Binn] and Interview. They came out at the same time. Herb Ritts who did the Interview cover. I would say those kind of remain really two of my favorite covers. Jason remembered it when I ran into him this summer, he was like remember that shoot, when your hair was short? I had just finished Boys Don’t Cry but he was among the first to give me a shot…

Were you comfortable being a cover star back then?

Well I think it goes back to when you have great artists surrounding you from photographers to hair and makeup, you feel comfortable. You realize it’s not about you, you’re part of the whole.

Right you become the artwork…

You’re part of the whole, it’s like a whole thing.

Speaking of art, Sylvester Stallone who is here and is a big painter, also has a big boxing movie in theaters now, given your boxing history, do you guys ever bond over that?

No, I just met him here for the first time.

Oh cool, first time in Miami, first time meeting Stallone. A lot of firsts here tonight then.

Yeah, it’s good to have a lot of firsts when you’re in your 40s!

Just curious, do you still box?

I haven’t done it for a while. I travel so much and the ability to stick to one person is hard.