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Hilary Swank Explains Why She’s Launching an Athleisure Collection

If you’ve been wondering what two-time Academy-Award-winning actress Hilary Swank has been up to for the past two years, we’ve got the answer. No, it’s not another tear-jerking movie—it’s her very own clothing line. The brand, called Mission Statement launches today with a “transitional” athleisure fare. According to Swank, who actually prefers to call it “aesthetic wear,” it’s the first offering she’s seen on the market that can truly transition from the gym to real life. (In other words: it performs like activewear but looks nothing like it.) We’re already eyeing those leather leggings; but before we buy our pair, we chatted with the actress—and now, designer—about what it took to create Mission Statement.

Glamour: Why did you decide to start this brand now?
Hilary Swank: I wasn’t alone in wanting to have clothing that naturally transitioned from my workouts into my day. I think it’s important for the modern woman to have clothes that are multi-faceted and functional. Women need the ability to go from exercising straight to meetings, dropping the kids at school, or running errands. I couldn’t find something for that which didn’t look like actual workout clothes—so I designed it.

Glamour: How will you be wearing Mission Statement pieces this fall?
HS: If I’m playing tennis, I’ll throw on one of the jackets and heels to go to work. Or I’ll add some cloud layers—that’s the cashmere pieces—with boots or sneakers for a day off.

Glamour: What does the name of the brand mean to you?
HS: Mission Statement is intended to be taken literally. What’s your mission statement? I wanted to design versatile clothing for women who have extraordinary ambition and live by their mission statement every day. Right now, my mission statement is to honor what I know is right for me—to trust my instincts. I like to be inspired by other people, but never veer off what I know is right for me. Even when other people doubt me or I’m worried about what other people think…

Glamour: When will you be working out in the clothes? What’s your current exercise routine? HS: My mornings are about being active—that’s when I have my most energy. I wake up usually around 7:00am and get moving by 7:30am. Whether I’m hiking, playing tennis, lifting weights, or walking my dog, taking that time before my day gets super busy is super important for me. To me, exercise is more energizing than an extra hour of sleep. I go five days a week—never seven!

Glamour: What are you go-to workouts?
HS: Tennis is my biggest go-to. I also go to the gym twice a week to lift weights, because at 30 your start losing calcium in your bones and that’s a great way to keep it up. My workouts have to be fun! Don’t dread your workouts, find some things you love and mix them up.

Glamour: What are your other health habits?
HS: If I’m working really hard and I need to rest, then I honor that. I splurge on massages and I see Oz Garcia in New York City, who draws my blood and checks my minerals on a regular basis. Those are two of the best ways I know how to take care of myself in addition to exercise.

Glamour: What’s one thing you try to eat every day?
HS: A breakfast burrito! They satiate me and I get protein, vegetables, and spice. I also didn’t start drinking coffee until I was 31 but now I love the ritual of coffee. Before then, I wasn’t into having a drink; but I started having wine at dinner at 31 and found it was harder to wake up after a glass.

Glamour: What do you always have in your gym bag?
HS: Speaking of food, I’m always hungry so I have protein bars, almonds, and apple in my bag. I always carry extra hair bands. And sunscreen that I can put on when I’m still sweaty—my favorite is a Peter Thomas Roth mineral sunscreen powder. Oh, and I will forget my underwear and bra! But now, with Mission Statement bras it doesn’t matter, because they’re a true crossover.