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Hilary Swank: Unpacking ‘Ordinary Angels’ and the Significance of Acts of Service

Variety senior culture and events editor Marc Malkin and two-time Oscar winner Hilary Swank discussed her latest role as Sharon Stevens in the upcoming drama film “Ordinary Angels,” which is based on a true story. In the film, set for release on Feb. 23, Swank stars as a Louisville woman experiencing personal hardships who steps up to help the family of a widowed father.

“I love Sharon. She’s just a true tour de force human being who’s imperfect,” Swank said. She’s flawed, she struggles with loss, she struggles with keeping her faith during that loss.”

Swank continued to unpack the character, explaining how the film explores the idea of finding faith after losing it. “She loses her son, he doesn’t want anything to do with her. How do you find your faith after that again? How does your faith help you through that after you have found it again?… Also, the power of church and community and how community comes together to help one another is depicted in this film in a very beautiful way.”

The conversation also emphasized the importance of acts of service as they relate to spirituality and finding one’s purpose. Swank said of her job as an actor, “I feel personally as a storyteller that that’s my act of service, that I get this blessing to walk in different people’s shoes and see through their eyes. And it blows the blinders open of how I walk in the world and how I see the world. Because we see the world through our experiences, so I get to enrich mine through walking in Sharon’s shoes or Brandon Teena’s shoes or Maggie Fitzgerald’s or Erin Gruwell’s in ‘Freedom Writers.’ That act of service is how I’m evolving as a human.”