Hair Styles

Hilary has had many different hair styles but she has always stayed close to her natural brown hair-color. Here you see a little timeline of Hilarys hair, and as you can see she has gone back to the original hair style that she had in the beginning of her career – dark brown hair with bangs!

Later we see her having short hair after making The Next Karate Kid and then letting it grow back and dyed it almost blonde for her part in Beverly Hills, 90210. Then as we all know she cut her hair short for Boys Don’t Cry in 2000 and then she used fake long-long brown hair for a while.

As all of us who has experienced to save back their hair from having short, it does take a while and Hilary tried out many hair styles which all looked good on her. She has had some high lights now and then and she made some romantic curls for the red carpet at several events.

As our own personal favorite, Hilary is back with her long hair and bangs. We think she looks absolutly stunning in it!