Hilary’s Accessories

We all know Hilary loves fashion and is a big shopper and here have we collected some of the stuff we have seen her using several times. It’s a way for you to get a hint on what Hilary prefers and uses a lot and most of all it’s fun!

Hilary has said in interviews that she’s a shoe girl so lets start with that.

Different Shoes

Black shoes for the red carpet

Her favorite flip flops and some other kinds

Some of Hilary’s MANY sneakers

The jackets and coats she has been seen with the most.

Her red coats

Military coat she used a lot in 2005

A cosy big black jacket has been used by Hilary for many years

Some of her favorite things to wear on casual and not so casual days.

Dark blue dress

Different jeans skirts

Favorite beige pants

Favorite adidas pants

Cosy pants on simple days

Tank tops in lots of colors and shapes

Our girl’s favorite accessories!

Necklace worn several times

Hilary seems to like baseball caps

The sunglasses she has worn the most

Favorite black/blue bag

Other bags