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Hilary takes a romantic stroll with her boyfriend and her agent John Campisi in Soho yesturday.

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Swank and Perry begin filming movie in Norwalk

NORWALK -ÊFilming starts today on “Laws of Motion”, an independent movie that will get by with a lot of help from one of America’s best-known “Friends.”

“Matthew Perry is the lead,” location manager Marshall Johnson said last week.

As anyone who owned a television between 1994 and 2004 knows, Perry became a star playing wisecracking Chandler Bing on the Emmy Award-winning sitcom “Friends.” More recently, he starred in “Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip,” which NBC canceled this month after one season.
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New candids

Hilary with boyfriend John Campisi (not pictured) walking in Central Park on May 29.

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New video-interview

You can see a new interview with Hilary from the Comic Con at this website. Enjoy!

Hooman stopped in to chat with fans and fanatics at this year’s fantasy and comic book convention, Wondercon. Hilary Swank even showed up to tell Hooman her favorite comic book character of all time, but you have to watch to find out who it is! Patton Oswalt also stopped to talk to Hooman and described the convention as, “where the ladies come to hook up with the shut-ins.” I wonder if that’s why Hilary Swank stopped by…take a look!