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Swank missed Christmas for movie

Hilary Swank has revealed how she missed Christmas to work on new film Conviction.
The Oscar winner stars alongside Sam Rockwell, Minnie Driver and Juliette Lewis in the true story of unemployed single mother Betty Anne Waters, who, with the help of attorney Barry Scheck from the Innocence Project, exonerated her wrongfully convicted brother.
Hilary revealed at the Toronto Film Festival she worked so hard on the independent film that she had to tell her family she was missing spending Christmas Day with them.
She said: “It was something that I worked on daily, even over the holidays. Christmas night something was falling apart and I was like ‘excuse me’ to my family ‘You’ve got my back and I’ve got your back’ and they were like, ‘Go do it, go do it’ because my family loved the story. It’s a story that’s in my heart, I have to do it. You know, there will be other Christmases.”
The 36-year-old actress feels the movie, directed by actor-turned-director Tony Goldwyn, filled a current gap in the movie market, which she believes is flooded with fantasy films.
Hilary said: “You hear audiences complain ‘where are the movies like Kramer versus Kramer?’ Where are those movies, the real stories about people?
“Of course there are those audiences that like comic books and vampires and all that – and there’s a place for that obviously because they’re making money – but there’s also this forgotten audience where people are like ‘come on, where’s my story?’ so it’s remarkable to me.
“Especially as this budget was not a big budget. I’ve been in the business now half my life and it has just changed so much in that amount of time, but you believe in something and you just keep going.”