About the Site

Hilary Swank Fan was first started in August 2004 and after lots and lots of scanning, collecting, typing up and devotion the site came up for the public in December 2004. The site was started by Maria and the site was made to support Hilary’s career and give the fans a place to go to read about Hilary and to meet other fans.

In July 2005 didn’t Maria have the time she wish she had for the site and the wonderful girl Stef take over the site and she ran it until December 2005. Unfortunately she didn’t have time to continue her hard work either and the site went down in July 13, 2006.

In May 2008 the site switched domain to hilary-swank.org and has now been up for more then 8 years. In 2008/2009 Maria had to leave all her web assignments and the site was kept by only Mary.

And in 2016 the site switched to the domain hilary-swank.com. The site is mainly maintained by Mary and Maria tries to help out with design, layouts and technical stuff.

The site is only a fansite and we have no contact ourselves with Hilary, her management or anyone near her, the site is NOT official.