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GMA video and candids

Today Hilary was at Good Morning America to promot P.S. I Love You. The video isnt the best quality but hopefully I’ll be able replace it with a better one soon. Also add candids of Hilary arrives to tape that show. She looks lovely in blue coat. Finally something not black.

Video should be working now

Good Morning America – December 13, 2007
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EDIT:Also Hilary taped today interview on the NBC “Today” shows if anyone finds when it will air please let us know so we’ll be able tape it for the site. Thanks


  1. Maybe it’s just my computer, but I can’t hear any sound on that video. 🙁

    btw. the “Unscripted” interview of Hilary and Gerard Butler is now available on the Moviefone AOL website.

  2. Thanks for letting me know will try to fix it asap.
    About AOL site I dont live in USA so cant access it now but will do my best to get it.

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