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Hilary in Ottawa

The Power Within is pleased to announce that they will be back at the Ottawa Congress Centre on March 3, 2008 with a new exciting lineup of speakers. This is an opportunity to be a part of one of the most Inspiring and Entertaining Events in Ottawa! Hilary will give a speach at this event.

From high-school dropout to two-time Academy Award winner by the age of 30, Hilary Swank is a shining example of spectacular triumph against incredible odds. It is a story she draws on to motivate people in every field of endeavor to achieve their own dreams, regardless of the obstacles they face. A passionate activist, Hilary is also a captivating speaker on the causes closest to her heart: battling social injustice and empowering women of all ages. At the core of Hilary’s inspiring messages are the importance of dedication and hard work in accomplishing one’s goals. Hilary inspires audiences communicating her message of self-empowerment and succeeding against the odds—whether in the service of a social cause or a personal goal.