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Richard LaGravenese talks about Hilary

I found interview with Richard LaGravenese the director of Freedom Writers and P.S., I Love you. I posted some quotes about Hilary. You can read full interview here

Q. How did you respond to Hilary Swank’s injury from Gerard Butler’s flying suspender clip?
Richard LaGravenese: I couldn’t believe it. She’s played a boxer who gets paralysed, she’s played a boy-girl who gets raped and murdered, and she does this romance in New York and almost gets blinded! I felt so responsible. I was sick and Gerard felt so bad. He turned into this nine-year-old boy who did the wrong thing and was really upset about it. A couple of hours later, though, she called me and said: “Don’t worry about it, it’s fine. It was just an accident. I’ll be fine. I know you’re going to worry but I don’t want you to!” She totally took care of me, which meant that I was able to talk Gerard down. And amazingly, five days later she was back on set and she had a little Band-Aid which we worked into the shoot.

Q. Will you be working with Hilary Swank again?
Richard LaGravenese: Absolutely, this type of a partnership is rare. We’re both doing something next during which time we’ll be apart and taking a break. But after that we have other ideas that we’re keen to develop… if she’ll have me!