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Hilary Swank reveals first full photo of her twins and explains their unique names

Hilary Swank is giving fans their first full look at her twins in a new photograph.

Swank shared the picture of Aya and Ohm in a press release on Feb. 16, announcing her new role as chief innovation officer of the baby care brand HealthyBaby.

The photo shows the actor holding her son and daughter, whom she welcomed to the world in April 2023 with her husband Philip Schneider.

Swank revealed the babies’ names for the first time in a sweet Valentine’s Day 2024 post. She shared a photo of her twins in colorful bathing suits and matching wide-brim hats, sitting on a sandy beach.

Their names, Aya and Ohm, are spelled out behind them in what appear to be green rocks.

“I have a busy week of talk shows ahead where I’ll be sharing about my new film and a fun partnership, but I figured what better day to share the names of my two little loves with you all first,” Swank wrote. “Thanks for being here!!”


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Hilary Swank: Unpacking ‘Ordinary Angels’ and the Significance of Acts of Service

Variety senior culture and events editor Marc Malkin and two-time Oscar winner Hilary Swank discussed her latest role as Sharon Stevens in the upcoming drama film “Ordinary Angels,” which is based on a true story. In the film, set for release on Feb. 23, Swank stars as a Louisville woman experiencing personal hardships who steps up to help the family of a widowed father.

“I love Sharon. She’s just a true tour de force human being who’s imperfect,” Swank said. She’s flawed, she struggles with loss, she struggles with keeping her faith during that loss.”

Swank continued to unpack the character, explaining how the film explores the idea of finding faith after losing it. “She loses her son, he doesn’t want anything to do with her. How do you find your faith after that again? How does your faith help you through that after you have found it again?… Also, the power of church and community and how community comes together to help one another is depicted in this film in a very beautiful way.”

The conversation also emphasized the importance of acts of service as they relate to spirituality and finding one’s purpose. Swank said of her job as an actor, “I feel personally as a storyteller that that’s my act of service, that I get this blessing to walk in different people’s shoes and see through their eyes. And it blows the blinders open of how I walk in the world and how I see the world. Because we see the world through our experiences, so I get to enrich mine through walking in Sharon’s shoes or Brandon Teena’s shoes or Maggie Fitzgerald’s or Erin Gruwell’s in ‘Freedom Writers.’ That act of service is how I’m evolving as a human.”


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Variety Announces Spirituality & Faith in Entertainment Breakfast

Variety will host its first-ever Spirituality & Faith in Entertainment Breakfast presented by the Faith and Media Initiative (FAMI) on Feb. 13th in Los Angeles, featuring Hilary Swank, Roma Downey and Rainn Wilson.

Swank, the two-time Academy Award-winning actress from “Million Dollar Baby” and “Boys Don’t Cry,” will speak to Marc Malkin, senior culture and events writer for Variety, about her creative ties into faith-based entertainment, including the upcoming film “Ordinary Angels,” debuting theatrically Feb. 23 from Lionsgate.

The invite-only event will spotlight the opportunity for featuring religion and faith in entertainment and media with a nondenominational lens. The breakfast will give a fresh look at consumer attitudes, market opportunities and breakthrough storytelling.


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Hilary Swank to Star in James Patterson Audible Originals

Hilary Swank, Sanaa Lathan, Aaron Paul and Krysten Ritter are set to lend their voices for Audible Originals releasing next year in collaboration with James Patterson Entertainment.

Audible Inc. announced Monday that the stars will narrate three new originals from the author: Zero Tolerance starring Swank, The Justice starring Lathan, and The Coldest Case Season 2 with Paul and Ritter. The three scripted audio drama releases will be available exclusively on Audible.

In Zero Tolerance, Swank will star as Sergeant Jo Barnes whose all-female U.S. Army investigative team is known for solving sex crime cases within the military. After their new mission takes them to the Mojave Desert amid the mysterious disappearance of Private Nichelle Simmons — a soldier who accused a comrade of assault — things take a turn when the accused is set free.

The original, co-written by Duane Swierczynski and also starring Christine Ko, Melonie Diaz and a full cast, will release on Aug. 24.

The Justice is an 8-part audio thriller centered on Beth Garner (Lathan), the newest Associate Justice of the Supreme Court, who becomes entangled in the dark secrets of her mentor and hero, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court Clayton Erlenborn. The original, co-written by Aaron Cooley and also starring Susan Kelechi Watson and Luke Tennie, releases in early 2024.