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Swank visits Fangland

Das Films and Blumhouse Prods. are teaming on an adaptation of John Marks’ novel “Fangland” that is shaping up as a star vehicle for Hilary Swank, according to Variety.

Sriram Das of Das Films and Jason Blum of Blumhouse will produce with Swank, who’s is in line to play a TV producer who travels to Romania for an interview with a notorious European arms dealer. Turns out, he’s a modern-day Dracula.

Marks is a former 60 Minutes producer, and Mark Wheaton (The Messengers) turned in a first-draft adaptation of Marks’ novel just before the strike.


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  1. Hilary is one of our finest younger actresses but for God’s sake how does she choose so many turkeys? I see bomb wrtten all over this one not to mention I’ve seen a rough cut of PS I luv U and it’s not encouraging – I don’t think it’ll do very well unfortunately.

    I hope someone steps up to help her in choosing good scripts.

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